Month: October 2009

Property Boundaries and Limitations

landscape-plan1At Lifestyle Landscapes, we always work within the boundary limits of our clients’ property. There are spaces adjacent to, or included in a clients’ property which they may be responsible for maintaining, but limit the use of the property These areas are called Right-of-Ways, Easements and Setbacks.

Setbacks are typically determined by municipalities and are used to contain development within the property lines Typically, structures over 18″


Ornamental Grass Maintenance

Lifestyle Landscapes often use ornamental grasses in our designs. They are dynamic, bringing movement as well as color and texture to a garden, and, even those that die back in the winter add drama all year long. Grasses generally grow fast, require little maintenance and, once established, do not need a lot of water. Often we are asked how to maintain grasses. Since this week fall has definitely arrived, it is an apt time to discuss ornamental grass maintenance.