Month: March 2010

Lifestyle Transformation 4 – Patio and Planting in Issaquah

How Good Design Can Change Your Lifestyle…

Small changes can often make a big impact.

The typical backyard patio is often a small concrete slab surrounded by lawn. Generally people don’t go past the edge of the patio so it ends up as annoying useless space. In this example, the Homeowners’ were frustrated by the lack of space for cooking and didn’t even have room for a outdoor seating.



Espalier is the art, or process, of controlling plant growth in a flat plane, usually against a wall or fence, or along a trellis. This horticultural technique trains woody trees or shrubs through pruning and trying to create two-dimensional plants, often in specific patterns. Because a plant pruned in this way uses far less space, it is ideal for small gardens, and in narrow spaces where spreading trees or shrubs will not fit.

Some plants adapt better to the techniques of espalier than others.


Lifestyle Transformation 3 – Flagstone Patio and Planting on Mercer Island

How Good Design Can Change Your Lifestyle…

When our Landscape Consultants and Designers go out to meet with our clients they make a careful evaluation of what exists and question the homeowners on how those elements are working for them. In this project the hot tub had good access from the house, the deck was well maintained and there was no reason to remove those functional pieces. The deck just extended too far into the landscape and having a fire pit in the middle of a wood deck isn’t the best idea in terms of safety.


Aphid Control

Aphids are a common garden pest. They do damage by sucking the plants they infest and by excreting sticky honeydew. The following are tips to prevent and control aphids.

Avoid over fertilizing: Aphids prefer tender new growth that appears in profusion with over fertilized plants. Use slow release fertilizer.

Monitor: Check your plants once a week. If you see ants climbing up a plant they are most likely harvesting the aphids’