Lifestyle Transformation 3 – Flagstone Patio and Planting on Mercer Island

How Good Design Can Change Your Lifestyle…

When our Landscape Consultants and Designers go out to meet with our clients they make a careful evaluation of what exists and question the homeowners on how those elements are working for them. In this project the hot tub had good access from the house, the deck was well maintained and there was no reason to remove those functional pieces. The deck just extended too far into the landscape and having a fire pit in the middle of a wood deck isn’t the best idea in terms of safety. You can see the dog pen area and no plants are screening the existing cedar fence.

In the finished project all of those issues were taken care of. Planting in front of the wood fence makes us feel like we are in a garden. The flagstone patio is a new element and draws the family further into their landscape. Also the pet area is now screened and not intruding into the wonderful entertaining space.