Synthetic Turf

Do I Really Want All This Lawn? Is Synthetic Turf a Viable Green Alternative?

Yes it’s true, by installing synthetic turf instead of lawn you are decreasing you carbon footprint.

Less water will be used and therefore water will be conserved and your water bill will be lowered.

  • Reduced use of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides will result in fewer pollutants reaching our waterways.
  • Reduced energy use will lower carbon emissions. For example, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to produce fertilizer.
    And just one hour of mowing your lawn produces the same amount of emissions as driving a car 93 miles.
  • But should we just replace our lawn with synthetic turf? No. Synthetic turf is only one way to replace lawn. The first step is to look at your property as a whole and ask yourself some questions:

* What on my property works and what doesn’t?
* How do I want to use my space?
* Where do I want to entertain, how much space is needed?
* Where do the kids play and how much area do they need?
* Pet needs?
* Storage areas?
* Gardening beds?

Once you consider these questions you might discover that you want to make some changes. Of course Lifestyle Landscapes, Inc. would be happy to help!

One of the first changes that many people could make is to remove lawn from the narrow side yards between your house and your neighbor. These are generally just circulation paths from front to back or storage for the garbage/recycle bin. The easiest way to handle these areas may be a gravel path. It is a simple beginning that might lead to further changes and less lawn.

Lawn has an icon of the American Landscape since the mid-19th century. It is time to re-think that tradition.