Seattle Winter Fieldtrip

When it’s raining in Seattle a great place to go is the Volunteer Park Conservatory. This year it is celebrating its 100 year anniversary! This conservatory is a unique Victorian Glass House. It was built in 1912 and Seattle is fortunate to have it and even more fortunate to have preserved it. The Conservatory is divided into plant habitats. You will see everything from exotic cactus and orchids, to carnivorous plants, and the more common azaleas and ferns.

From the beginning, the Conservatory’s mission was to educate, collect and conserve threatened plants. A visit transports visitors beyond the familiar green spaces of Volunteer Park to world that examines inter connected ecosystems and plant species from around the globe. When you visit the conservatory, especially in winter you will love the warmth and the beauty of these exhibits.

The hours of operation are 10-4pm Tuesday-Sunday.

While you are at Volunteer Park you might also choose to visit the Water Tower Built by Water Department 1906. It is 106 steps to observation deck. 75 1/2′ above the road. The top at elevation 520 feet above sea level is the high point of Capitol Hill and gives 360 degree vistas.

The final leg of this field trip takes you to the adjacent, (directly to the north of Volunteer Park) Lake View Cemetery. This historic Seattle Cemetery was incorporated in 1872. It is here we are reminded of Seattle’s first families overcoming many adversities and the crucial pioneering efforts in urban development and renewal. Here are buried the Borens, Dennys, Terrys, and Bells, the nurturing and generous Dr. and Mrs. Maynard, the banker Dexter Horton and Asa’s ‘Mercer Girls’. One of the more recent residents is Bruce Lee the renowned martial arts expert who lived in Seattle.

Along with the history this cemetery has some beautiful statuary. It is a wonderful and interesting open space fromwhich to enjoy the views and history of Seattle.

Posted by Arlene.