Month: March 2012

Garden Trends

In today’s instant media fueled world people are searching for balance and purpose, and tapping into the power of plants to cultivate the ‘new good life’.

According to Susan McCoy, of the U.S.-based trend-spotting Garden Media Group,

Plants play a vital role in our lives. Besides beautifying our homes and gardens, they’re vital to our health and well being. Plants elicit powerful positive emotions, revive neighborhoods,


In the Garden in March


If you are buying bare-root trees, look for ones with large root systems in relation to top growth. It is not necessary to purchase a very large tree to get a quality plant.


Dig, divide, and replant crowded summer and fall flowering perennials like Agapanthus, Garden Phlox, Astilbe, Aster, Bleeding Heart, Coral Bells, Daylilies, and Shasta Daisies. Perennials perform best in well-drained soil with plenty of humus. Astilbe,