Art and Structure in the Garden

The winter is a good time to examine your garden in order to view its structure. The structure or ‘bones’ of the garden are important to keep in mind when planning changes or additions to your garden. This is the time of year when you can easily see if you have it or if you don’t.

The structures of the garden are the architectural elements such as trees, hedges, evergreen shrubs, walks, fountains, arbors, benches, and art. During the winter if you look at your yard and it just looks dead! you should probably add some structure. Or perhaps there are just a few bare spots in the garden and you may only need to make a couple of tweaks. Often people think a garden needs to be formal; full of evergreen hedges and intersecting walks to accomplish this. Indeed that is one way to do it but it is certainly possible to create structure without it being formal. Curved walkway, informal masses of plants or texture, even color can be used to structure space.

The addition of art into your landscape might be a good start especially for those bare spots. Here are some ideas to inspire you then let your imagination take over.

Posted by: Arlene, Lifestyle Landscapes design team.

1 thought on “Art and Structure in the Garden”

  1. I love the ornamental entry gate with the wrought iron and stone. You rarely see such breath taking and awe inspiring structures anymore that are real. Most are made of cheaper, short lived materials just for the quick eye appeal. I would enjoy having such an entrance way welcoming newcomers and guests. So beautiful!

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