Top Projects to Spruce Up Your Landscaping This Summer

This summer, why not treat yourself and revamp your landscape? Whether you’d like to create a tranquil place in nature to escape from reality or a relaxing space to entertain family and friends outdoors, Lifestyle Landscaping, your local landscape design expert, can help. Read on as we share some of the best projects to help you maximize the potential of your outdoor living spaces:

Landscaping This Summer

Build a New Deck

Regardless of their size, decks can boost your outdoor space’s functionality. They provide a space to host dinners, gatherings, and even barbecue nights. They also free up some of your yard’s space by allowing you to store your furniture and potted plants. When planning for your deck addition, make sure to consider its intended function, size, and traffic pathway to prevent overcrowding. You should also ask your family members what they’d like for your future deck so you can incorporate their ideas into your design.

Update Your Patio

Enjoy the warmth of the summer by improving your patio’s features. For instance, you may add water features to create a soothing ambiance, making you feel like you’re one with nature. You can also integrate artistic lighting into your landscaping to inspire an enchanting space at night. If your space allows, you can build a fireplace to create a unique place to sit and unwind.

There are endless possibilities in making the most of your patio. Fortunately, Lifestyle Landscapes is here to help you realize its full potential. We can come up with the perfect patio design that suits your needs and lifestyle. Whether you want a space to host a party or an area to seek some tranquility, we can turn them into a reality.

Incorporate Plantings

Plantings come in limitless options to spruce up your outdoor space. From boxwoods to perennial flowers, they can effortlessly accentuate your patio’s beauty and increase your home’s aesthetic value. You can also use them to create a meditation garden where you can stay during a quiet summer night.

Let Lifestyle Landscaping help you create a paradise for your outdoor living space. With our unmatched expertise, we will deliver results that exceed your expectations. Call us today at (206) 621-2626 for more information about our products and services. You can also fill out our form to schedule your professional consultation. We serve homeowners all throughout Seattle.