Reasons to Work with Pros for Your Landscaping Needs

For homeowners planning to invest in landscaping soon, working with a landscape design professional can help streamline the process. Lifestyle Landscapes, the leading design-build company, discusses the main advantages of hiring professional help:

Landscaping Needs

A Simplified Design

Process Design-build firms include the installation and design services into the full project cost. A detailed landscape design plan thoroughly describes the dimensions of the project and the materials to be used. A list of the specific plant species, their quantities and container sizes, and spacing dimensions are also included. This means that if you take the same plan to a different contractor for a bid you’ll be comparing the same scope of work.

Detailed Knowledge of Construction Methods

Our vast experience in outdoor living projects means that we have extensive knowledge of efficient building processes and the workflow needed for staging the project installation. We’re also familiar with the best construction methods for completing the work swiftly and efficiently. Connections to Local Nurseries and Suppliers

As a landscape contractor who often orders building supplies and plants, we’re aware of plant availability. Since availability can shift in wholesale nurseries, working with a design-build contractor like us can help you secure the plants you want for your property. We also know which materials and plants are readily available in large quantities so you can have your project finished in no time.

Working with a professional ensures excellent results and a smoother process overall. For all your landscaping needs, turn to Lifestyle Landscapes. We also offer a variety of outdoor additions like water features, fire pits, and patio design services. We use only the best products and materials to ensure high-quality results. We serve various areas in Seattle. Call us at (206) 621-2626 to learn more about our different landscaping services. You can also schedule a consultation with our professional team.