3 Effective Ways to Design and Landscape a Small Yard

A small yard, for many homeowners, is more difficult to landscape than a larger one. The smaller size means less room to make an impact, requiring you to be more discerning when making design choices. 

3 Effective Ways to Design and Landscape a Small Yard

In this post, Lifestyle Landscapes discusses effective landscape design tips to keep in mind when working on a small yard.

Always Build Up

Space is a precious resource for a small yard, so the only way to go is up. This applies to all of your landscape additions, whether it’s a garden or a simple patio deck. Gardens actually benefit from being elevated since most pests won’t be able to reach them.

Consider a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are great additions to small yards as they can easily become the focal point of the entire outdoor living area. They are also surprisingly space-efficient, and you can even add a small fire pit or water features to pair it with. Choose your rocks carefully, though. The majority of your rocks should look local. You can fill in the garden with other rocks to complement them, but most should appear native to your area.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a must-have for any landscapes as they’re both functional and aesthetic. Not only do they add beauty to an area, they also serve as the necessary structural support for sloped yards. Retaining walls also adhere to the concept of building up. Because they extend slightly upwards, they make an otherwise small yard appear larger and more spacious than it is.

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