Completed Project: Renton Backyard

Renton homeowners Karen and Kelly wanted to improve the appearance and functionality of their backyard. The following photo was taken before the Lifestyle Landscapes renovation project began.

The existing backyard included a paver patio, a fireplace, a few plants, a water feature, scattered pavers, and weed barrier cloth covered with pea gravel. Karen and Kelly wanted to retain their investment in the existing paver patio and fireplace while creating a low maintenance space. They were not satisfied with the pea graveled area as their dog would walk in the gravel which he would track into the house, scratching their hardwood floors.

Arlene Wing, the Lifestyle Landscapes designer responsible for this project, developed a design that incorporated Karen and Kelly’s ideas for a more attractive and functional backyard. The Lifestyle installation team transformed this design into reality in just five days, as seen in the following photos.

 A closer look …

Arlene designed an outdoor living space that included synthetic deck area for additional entertaining space. She regrouped the existing basalt rock features into a more attractive arrangement. She also selected a dog-tolerant synthetic turf to create a lawn area, and added plants and landscape features. The installation crew repaired the existing water feature and added new LED lighting.

Karen and Kelly are now enjoying their transformed low-maintenance backyard!

Roger Franklin, CEO
Lifestyle Landscapes, Inc.