4 Popular Design Ideas You Can Try to Improve Your Landscape

Following the latest trends in landscape design can greatly improve your outdoor spaces. This year, you can use many design ideas to make your landscape more beautiful and functional. For example, you can try using water-saving foliage for sustainable landscaping or you can move your outdoor dining further into your garden.

4 Popular Design Ideas You Can Try to Improve Your Landscape

Lifestyle Landscapes offers other examples below.

Moving Your Dining Space Deeper Into the Garden

This year, more homeowners are moving their outdoor dining spaces away from their homes. This allows you and your guests to fully appreciate the beauty of your outdoor retreat. Consider surrounding the outdoor dining room with in-ground and container plants and using special flooring, furniture and lighting to enhance the area’s appeal.

Try Sustainable Landscaping

You can make your landscape more sustainable by using low-water plants native to your region. Fortunately, we’re not just a patio design expert. Lifestyle Landscapes can help you with your garden and your irrigation needs. We custom-design our irrigation system based on your garden’s specific needs.

Use Patterned Plants

Intricate details are a design trend becoming more popular this year. Like other design elements, plants can have patterns as well. Many plants feature stripes on their leaves or brightly colored veins. Choose the plants that complement your existing outdoor features, furnishings, and other decorations.

Consider Creative Enclosures

Most people use fences to enclose their gardens. However, you can try other options that will offer both privacy and an attractive and welcoming appearance. Consider lightly screening the street using a deep planting bed between the curb and lawn. You can also create a scrim of foliage using small trees with lacy leaves. Try planting soft-textured perennials on your deep planting beds as well.

We can help you with all of your outdoor living needs. Lifestyle Landscapes has helped local homeowners since 2002 and we’ve received the Best of Houzz 2016 award for the quality of our customer service. We use custom-designed and built materials to create landscapes that will exceed your expectations.

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