4 Common Mistakes in Landscape Design

Avoid landscaping mistakes by hiring professional landscape design contractors. Lifestyle Landscape offers a variety of landscaping services to help you with your landscaping project. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid by hiring us.

4 Common Mistakes in Landscape Design

Failure to Consider Your Surroundings

Every home’s backyard is unique. Some homeowners might choose without thinking what’s already present, which would make the resulting landscaping a mishmash of clashing designs, shrubbery and plants. That’s why we’re here to help navigate the possibilities when it comes to your landscaping.

Having a Lawn Just Because

Not all homes are suitable to have a lawn in their outdoor living space. An infertile soil, for example, won’t be able to grow a lawn, let alone maintain it. We’ll help determine if your property’s soil is manageable enough to have a green carpet, and if not, we’ll provide alternative landscaping options.

Planting on an Erosion-Prone Area

An erosion-prone area, such as a hillside, makes it difficult to grow plant life around your home because water runoff usually carries off nutrient-rich topsoil with it. Our crew will help you investigate these areas to see if they can be landscaped. Your best option is to build a wall around your designated planting area to minimize erosion.

Forgetting Landscaping’s Other Roles

These days, landscaping projects have become synonymous solely with aesthetic design rather than practicality. Landscaping not only converts your exterior property to a more aesthetic design but can also provide a combination of hardscapes (such as patios) for a usable exterior space. You can use a landscaping project not only to beautify your dwelling but to make outdoor activities, such as barbecue evenings, possible.

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