3 Landscaping Improvements Before Fall Arrives

Fall is nature’s way of reminding you to take care of your yard. If you haven’t given it a facelift in a long time, it’s only appropriate to improve it as the warm season gives way to cooler weather.

3 Landscaping Improvements Before Fall Arrives

If you ask Lifestyle Landscapes, these landscaping ideas are perfect to enrich your outdoor living come fall:

Grow a Natural Screen

Tall, multi-season shrubbery not only increases your privacy, but also creates mystery. From a practical point of view, putting a living screen next to your exterior walls can protect your siding from the sun.

Moreover, fencing your outdoor HVAC component with ornamental grasses is a neat way to hide it from plain view. Also, this landscape design can protect the equipment from wandering pets or pests.

Add a Pergola

Have you exhausted your outdoor space for plant growth? Use a pergola to hang ornamentals, and give vines something to hold onto. Over time, it can provide ample shade with its canopy and act as cover when there’s intense heat or light rain. To get the most out of it, integrate it with another structure, like a gazebo or patio.

Accessorize the Patio

Speaking of patios, consider adding fresh amenities to your finished space before fall rolls around. Adding a fire pit can make it cozy sanctuary 365 days a year. If you’ve been wanting to entertain guests al fresco, the time might be ripe for you to have an outdoor kitchen. LED light installation is a small improvement to revitalize your old patio design.

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