3 Things Homeowners Should Know About Landscape Lighting

Adding landscape lighting to your yard is one of the best ways to make it stand out. A beautifully lit garden at night is one of the most appealing spaces to admire and to spend time in. We can help you transform your yard into an outdoor living space you can use during both day and night. Read on as Lifestyle Landscapes, a landscape design expert, talks about landscape lighting:

Tips for Ground Light Fixtures

You should dig an 18-inch deep hole and backfill it about halfway with gravel because this enhances drainage around the light. Then insert the extra cable into the hole, while leaving enough cord length to connect it to the power.

Insert the plastic housing for the light and add gravel around the unit to keep it stable. Many lights come with an assortment of lenses, so insert the lens you’ll use over the lamp. Replace the lid, cover the power cord with mulch, and connect the cord. Make adjustments to the light when necessary. Since doing this for your entire yard can be time-consuming, as a patio design expert we recommend asking a professional to do this installation for you.

Available Lighting Types

Light emitting diodes are frequently used to light up laptops and car dashboards. They are primarily used for style, design, and effect. If you want a lot of bright light for your garden, choose a reflector light instead. A reflector light has a stronger 35-watt lamp compared with an LED light’s one-watt lamp. Low-voltage lighting is also available. This lighting type uses only about 12 volts, eliminating deep trenches to contain the wiring.

Tips for Mounting Lights

You can also try installing mounting lights around plants. However, remember that mounting the light directly onto a tree will eventually cause the tree to grow around the light fixture. This is because driving screws or nails into a growing tree will trigger a healing response from the tree. Instead of using nails, you can use a strap device instead. To avoid causing glare issues, consider using mounting lights to light things above the light. This can showcase the structure of the tree.

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