Tips for Creating a Low-Maintenance Lawn

Everyone wants their own mini-oasis on their lawn, but not everyone has the time to take care of it. Lifestyle Landscapes, Inc., one of the top landscape design companies in the city, gives you some tips on how to maintain your lawn with minimal effort.

Tips for Creating a Low-Maintenance Lawn

Swap Parts of Your Turf With Ground Covers

One of the most tedious tasks of lawn maintenance is watering your lawn. Sprinklers are always an option, but they tend to water plants unevenly, resulting in unsightly patches of withering grass. But by replacing parts of your turf with drought-resistant ground covers, your lawn will be able to remain lush even with minimal water.

Plant Drought-Resistant, Low-Maintenance Plants and Moderately Large Trees

The same goes for the ornamental plants on your lawn; plant drought-resistant and low-maintenance trees and shrubs. In particular, choose small plants and trees that can reach a maximum of 10 to 15 feet so you won’t have to prune them as often. Plus, in case these plants get diseased, you’ll have an easier time removing them from your lawn.

In particular, avoid planting roses. They may be aesthetically pleasing, but they need a lot of water, fertilizer and pesticides to keep up their appeal.

Add Some Permeable Pavers to the Landscape

Greenery is just one part of your home’s landscape design, however; the patio design and walkway patterns are important elements as well. Something simple like permeable patio pavers arranged in a grid and surrounded by trap rock can provide a nice monochrome contrast to the vibrant colors of the surrounding shrubbery.

You can only do so much with a few DIY tweaks to your lawn, however. You’d need to consult a landscape design company to plan out a truly low-maintenance lawn with an aesthetic that complements the theme of your exterior.

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