6 Types of Landscape Lighting Designs

No matter how beautiful your home is, most of its visual appeal disappears come nightfall. Your outdoor lighting, or landscape lighting, solves that by highlighting and drawing attention to your home’s exterior features.

In this blog post, Lifestyle Landscapes shares details about the types of landscape lighting that may suit your needs and add to the landscape design that you want.


This type of lighting reflects light down into planting beds and can also be effective pathway markers.


This type gives off a soft, diffuse light for brightening flat facades, fences and garden walls.


This one projects a narrow beam for outdoor living features, tree trunks and garden structures.


This is typically inside a waterproof housing buried in the ground to illuminate the underside of plant foliage.


This creates a moonlit effect that is located high on tree trunks and branches.


This one usually casts a wider beam than a bullet and is brighter than a wash light.

Before choosing designs for lighting your landscape, try to go out to the yard at night with a flashlight. Try out different effects. Then, start with safety by starting brightening the critical parts, walkways and stairs.

Next, you can now move to accenting your trees or any feature that stands out. Use low-voltage lighting and don’t light each and every tree in your yard.

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