Buying Time Can Make You Happy, Scientists Say

A study, recently published in the journal PNAS, showed that people who buy time by paying someone to do household tasks are more satisfied with life. It examined responses from people across various countries and economical and professional backgrounds, and the result demonstrated that time-saving purchases led to reduced time-related stress and more positive emotions.

In this article, Lifestyle Landscapes, Inc., a reputable company specializing in landscape design services, shares more details about this research.

More Free Time Leads to Happiness

Together with researchers at the University of British Columbia and two institutes in the Netherlands, researchers at Harvard University conducted seven surveys of approximately 6,000 individuals in four countries.

The surveys inquired about whether the respondents regularly paid someone to carry out daily tasks for them and how they would rate their satisfaction with life. The findings showed that life satisfaction was higher for people who regularly spend money to save time.

Experts say this is because most adults feel they are short on time. Oftentimes, this is also the reason for their anxiety, insomnia and obesity.

However, it’s interesting to note that only a small amount of working individuals reported that they regularly spend to outsource daily tasks.

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Much like in work, delegation enables you to catch your breath and be more efficient. It’s similar to paying someone to perform your household chores. From the upkeep of your outdoor living spaces to the repairs of certain parts of your home, handling all these tasks can be exhausting. They can affect the quality of your life.

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