Fall Yard and Landscape Maintenance Checklist

The best time to prepare your yard and landscape for next spring is before winter hits. Caring for your outdoor spaces in the fall can ensure they thrive in the warmer months.

Here’s a yard and landscape maintenance checklist for fall from our landscape design experts.

Get Rid of Dried Leaves

Autumn leaves are not good for the grass. They deprive the grass of sunlight and trap moisture. Blow or rake leaves frequently even after the trees are bare. The grass under the dried leaves can die by spring if you don’t accomplish this task.

Continue Cutting the Grass

Keep the grass at around two and a half to three inches high. Letting the grass grow too long will make it mat and susceptible to fungi such as snow mold. Meanwhile, cutting the grass too short can damage its roots and affects the lawn’s ability to withstand winter cold and dryness.

Keep Watering

Homeowners tend to pay less attention to their outdoor living spaces as the weather gets colder. There may be more rain, more dew, and less evaporation in the colder months, but that may not be sufficient to keep the grassroots hydrated through winter.

Prepare the Soil

Regular aeration prevents soil from becoming compacted and covered with thatch, roots, stems, and debris, which can block water, oxygen and nutrients from getting into the soil. Grassroots would also benefit from fertilizer. Overseed existing turn to cover thin spots or bare patches. Fall is a great time for overseeding as the ground is still warm, moist, nights are cold and the sun isn’t as hot. Make sure the soil stays moist until the seeds germinate and well established before the temperatures drop.

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