Add a Deck to Optimize Outdoor Living in Your Landscape Design

A deck is one of the most commonly utilized ways to add living space and function to outside areas. In the Pacific Northwest, decks can essentially become an extra room of the house, providing an additional seating area where you can enjoy the gorgeous weather and sights that this coveted corner of the US offers. This is why at Lifestyle Landscapes, we place such a large emphasis on creating the perfect deck and corresponding outdoor spaces for every client who we have the privilege of working with.

Deck Design By Function and Aesthetics

The most important part of your deck design includes what makes it safe and functional. No matter how gorgeous a deck looks, if it does not meet your needs adequately, you will not use it. This is why we ensure that your deck will meet and exceed your expectations, both in how it looks and how it works for you and your family. One of the ways we do this is through offering products that are strong, durable and beautiful. This way, our clients get the best of both worlds, which they can expect to enjoy for many years.

Considerations for Deck Design

When working with our designers to create the perfect plan for your deck during your residential landscape design, we will ask you to consider many different things. This includes:

  • Your intended use for the deck
  • The size and shape of your space
  • Entrance and exit points
  • Sun and shade spots
  • Nighttime deck and landscape lighting
  • Built-in seating

Using this information, our designers can help create a plan that will give you everything you need, from a BBQ area with accompanying bench and utensil rack to a special area for your potted herb garden. Because every project we do is completely customized to meet our client’s needs, you can be sure your project will end with you completely satisfied with our work.

Get Started Today

If you are interested in redesigning your outdoor living spaces, a deck may be just the component you need. Call us today at (206) 621‑2626 of fill out our convenient online request form. We will be glad to build a space with you that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.