Why You Should Get Rid of Leaves on Your Lawn During Fall

Many homeowners are conflicted about whether they should rake fallen leaves during fall. The composition and location of your garden and lawn can affect how you treat and prepare them for winter. Those that aren’t as exposed to sunlight are better without fallen leaves.

Fall Yard and Landscape Maintenance Checklist

The best time to prepare your yard and landscape for next spring is before winter hits. Caring for your outdoor spaces in the fall can ensure they thrive in the warmer months.

Buying Time Can Make You Happy, Scientists Say

A study, recently published in the journal PNAS, showed that people who buy time by paying someone to do household tasks are more satisfied with life. It examined responses from people across various countries and economical and professional backgrounds, and the result demonstrated that time-saving purchases led to reduced time-related stress and more positive emotions.

Transform Your Outdoor Area with These Backyard Essentials

Your outdoor space offers one of the most exciting opportunities to spruce up your home’s exterior. In this article, Lifestyle Landscapes, Inc., a company specializing in landscape design, lists four must-haves that will surely transform your backyard.

6 Types of Landscape Lighting Designs

No matter how beautiful your home is, most of its visual appeal disappears come nightfall. Your outdoor lighting, or landscape lighting, solves that by highlighting and drawing attention to your home’s exterior features.

Tips for Creating a Low-Maintenance Lawn

Everyone wants their own mini-oasis on their lawn, but not everyone has the time to take care of it. Lifestyle Landscapes, Inc., one of the top landscape design companies in the city, gives you some tips on how to maintain your lawn with minimal effort.