How to Turn Your Backyard Into a Lush Oasis

A beautiful backyard with a relaxing and calming atmosphere is every homeowner’s dream. Many think they need a huge space or budget to create a backyard oasis but this is not true. In fact, you can create a lovely landscape design with these budget-friendly accessories and helpful tips.

4 Artificial Water Feature Design Ideas

Many people don’t realize that their outdoor space is as important as their interior, especially when it comes to their home’s aesthetics. Remember that a well-designed exterior living space can create a more welcoming vibe as you enter your home. To reinvigorate your backyard’s charm, consider adding water features. Lifestyle Landscapes, Inc., a landscape design contractor …

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Plants and Flowering Shrubs That Thrive All Year Round

Landscaping maintenance can be a significant endeavor, but re-planting shouldn’t add to your concerns. In addition to the financial aspect, crowding your yard with ornamental plants periodically demands a lot of time and energy.

Ideas for a Family-Friendly Outdoor Living Area

Don’t allow your outdoor area to go unused. Instead, treat your empty backyard or front porch as a blank canvas simply waiting to be transformed into a usable space according to your vision. You can turn it into a recreational outdoor living space with these family-friendly ideas.

3 Landscaping Improvements Before Fall Arrives

Fall is nature’s way of reminding you to take care of your yard. If you haven’t given it a facelift in a long time, it’s only appropriate to improve it as the warm season gives way to cooler weather.

Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer With These 4 Upgrades

Summer is a great time to bond with your family outdoors and take full advantage of your sprawling green space. You can make this season even more memorable by upgrading your backyard with add-ons that will enhance your experience and add value and functionality to your property.

5 Ways to Properly Plan Your Outdoor Living Space

Space is a highly valuable commodity that homeowners want to optimize. This is why many homeowners invest in outdoor projects that can help extend their living space. Lifestyle Landscapes, a premier landscape design contractor, shares some tips on planning your outdoor living space.

4 Common Mistakes in Landscape Design

Avoid landscaping mistakes by hiring professional landscape design contractors. Lifestyle Landscape offers a variety of landscaping services to help you with your landscaping project. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid by hiring us.