3 Benefits of a Patio Fire Pit

When you think of spring, you imagine the blooming of the flowers and fine weather after winter. Spring allows you to reconnect with nature. This means you can start to plan those outdoor activities with your family and friends.


How to Achieve a Low-Maintenance Landscape

With the warm months of spring already here, now is the perfect time to go out and host a barbecue or maybe a patio party. This won’t be possible, however, if every weekend you have to go out and mow the lawn or trim your hedges. Lifestyle Landscapes, the expert in patio design, shares tips to help you create a low-maintenance landscape:


Completed Project: Seattle Preschool Play and Learning Area

The Hoa Mai Vietnamese Bilingual Preschool is located in a modern Seattle multistory building occupied this facility with existing fencing around a street level corner plaza as the outdoor play area for their students.  Gloria Hodge, the school’s administrator, asked Lifestyle Landscapes to design and install a variety of elements to transform this uninspiring playground into areas to provide students with opportunities for learning and entertainment.


School staff wanted a nature-inspired designs for their playgrounds so their students would have the opportunity to explore,


Completed Project: Renton Backyard

Renton homeowners Karen and Kelly wanted to improve the appearance and functionality of their backyard. The following photo was taken before the Lifestyle Landscapes renovation project began.

The existing backyard included a paver patio, a fireplace, a few plants, a water feature, scattered pavers, and weed barrier cloth covered with pea gravel. Karen and Kelly wanted to retain their investment in the existing paver patio and fireplace while creating a low maintenance space.


Completed Project: Seattle Courtyard

Seattle homeowners Bob and Melisse wanted to replace their existing courtyard.  The courtyard was a bit stark and water tended to collect within the courtyard.  The courtyard’s lawn often looked sparce and promoted moss growth. Bob and Melisse travel often and wanted a new courtyard that was easy to maintain and would look good when they returned from their travels.

Arlene Wing, the Lifestyle Landscapes designer who led this project, wanted to introduce green and life into the space,


Just Completed: Secluded and Serene Seattle Living Space Project

Lifestyle Landscapes created this serene, pleasant and functional living space for a Seattle couple’s secluded backyard.  This custom design includes a dimensional sand-set bluestone patio, grass-separated pavers are repurposed from the replaced patio, a lighted, re-circulating, basalt column water feature, and ground water management.  In addition to being visually interesting, the sound of the water feature and it’s attraction to small birds makes this living space especially interesting and fun.  This construction project was completed in approximately ten working days.