Dividing a yard for specific uses

With this project we have a typical back yard with large lawn area and no level area designated for seating or entertaining. The lawn was uneven and wide open with no sense of enclosure or privacy. Our client enjoys gathering with friends and outdoor grilling. So we installed a new dining and entertaining patio with …

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Worm Bins!

Vermiculture or vermicomposting is the practice of using worms to aid in the breakdown and disposal of waste into viable, useful material. The end product of vermicompost is vermicast; worm casting or manure created from the digestion of materials. This process takes material that is not readily useful to either soil or plants and turns …

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Water Sustainability

Although we often complain in Seattle about the amount of rain we get, water shortages are something we can, and do, experience. Our last drought was as recent as 2003. In response, citizens of the Puget Sound water shed have reduced our per capita water usage from 152 gallons per day (gpd) to 97 gpd …

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Benefits of Fall Planting

As we move into fall we start to think about closing down our gardens for the winter, but now is the time to start planning and preparing for the next growing season.

How Good Design Can Transform a Space

In the ‘before’ photos below you will see a typical ‘Forgotten’ back yard with weeds, awkwardly planted trees, a poorly sited utility shed, and grading issues. It all adds up to a space where the entertaining area is not attractive and uncomfortable to use. A modest amount of professional landscaping support who made just a …

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Synthetic Turf

Do I Really Want All This Lawn? Is Synthetic Turf a Viable Green Alternative? Yes it’s true, by installing synthetic turf instead of lawn you are decreasing you carbon footprint. Less water will be used and therefore water will be conserved and your water bill will be lowered. Reduced use of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides …

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Espalier is the art, or process, of controlling plant growth in a flat plane, usually against a wall or fence, or along a trellis. This horticultural technique trains woody trees or shrubs through pruning and trying to create two-dimensional plants, often in specific patterns. Because a plant pruned in this way uses far less space, …

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