The Walker Rock Garden

Drive by 5407 37th Avenue SW in West Seattle and you will find a garden designed for whimsy and fantasy. Created over twenty years ago by Milton Walker, a Boeing mechanic, its towers, walls, and paths are Seattle‘s version of the WattsTowers (in the Watts neighbor in California).


Drought Recovery Program for Trees

Irrigation: Water stress inhibits the manufacture of key plant growth regulators that control dormancy. This may increase the chance of winter injury. Irrigate dry soil beneath trees to a depth of 12 inches during the fall months. Without rainfall, plants require the addition of approximately 750 gallons of water per 1000 square feet of soil surface beneath the crown during each week of the growing season.

Mulching: Mulching trees with organic materials, such as wood or bark chips,



Seattle gardening and landscape maintenance begins with proper watering. When trying to determine the frequency and duration of watering periods, always consider the soil conditions, the weather conditions and the plant itself. Healthy plant roots need oxygen as well as water. In clay soils, water can drain very slowly and deprive the plant of the oxygen its roots need. During the summer, the heat and lack of rain can dry out your plants. Windy conditions can also dry out plants,



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