Landscape Design

4 Popular Design Ideas You Can Try to Improve Your Landscape

Following the latest trends in landscape design can greatly improve your outdoor spaces. This year, you can use many design ideas to make your landscape more beautiful and functional. For example, you can try using water-saving foliage for sustainable landscaping or you can move your outdoor dining further into your garden.

3 Benefits of a Patio Fire Pit

When you think of spring, you imagine the blooming of the flowers and fine weather after winter. Spring allows you to reconnect with nature. This means you can start to plan those outdoor activities with your family and friends.

Outdoor Living: Maximizing the Beauty of Your Exterior

A beautiful and functional exterior space adds so much value to your home. As such, it’s important that you have an effective landscape design that maximizes this value. It doesn’t just benefit your home’s aesthetic value; it also improves the utility of your exterior.

3 Effective Ways to Design and Landscape a Small Yard

A small yard, for many homeowners, is more difficult to landscape than a larger one. The smaller size means less room to make an impact, requiring you to be more discerning when making design choices. 

How We Can Optimize Your Outdoor Living Space

A great way to extend your outdoor living area is to take on projects that can boost its beauty and functionality. At Lifestyle Landscapes, we offer excellent landscape design services to satisfy your needs. Here’s how we can optimize your exterior:

Bringing Your Outdoors to Life With Lifestyle Landscapes

Well-designed outdoor spaces are an excellent addition to any home. They create the perfect space for entertaining and socializing while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. When night falls, however, spending time outside doesn’t seem as appealing. Fortunately, Lifestyle Landscapes, the landscape design expert, can help you create the perfect outdoor living …

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4 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Professional Landscaper

Fall is arguably the best time to do any home improvement project, and the relatively fair weather means it’s also the ideal time to get some landscaping done. While it’s tempting to do these on your own, it’s still smarter and more efficient to hire landscape design professionals. Lifestyle Landscapes lists four reasons why. 

Reasons to Work with Pros for Your Landscaping Needs

For homeowners planning to invest in landscaping soon, working with a landscape design professional can help streamline the process. Lifestyle Landscapes, the leading design-build company, discusses the main advantages of hiring professional help:

The Top 3 Benefits of Outdoor Water Features

Water features are an excellent way to create a unique appearance for your Seattle home’s landscape. They add sound, texture, and movement to your landscape, making your surroundings feel more natural and remarkable. Landscaping water features are so much more than just aesthetic features, however. They are functional and attractive, and they offer some unexpected …

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