April Gardening Tips:

Planning When buying bedding annuals this spring choose properly grown plants with good color. Buy plants that are not too large for their pots with many unopened buds. Plants that bloom in the packs are often root bound. Plants not yet in bloom will actually bloom sooner, become better established and grow faster. Plan to …

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In the Garden in March

Planning If you are buying bare-root trees, look for ones with large root systems in relation to top growth. It is not necessary to purchase a very large tree to get a quality plant. Planting Dig, divide, and replant crowded summer and fall flowering perennials like Agapanthus, Garden Phlox, Astilbe, Aster, Bleeding Heart, Coral Bells, …

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Benefits of Fall Planting

As we move into fall we start to think about closing down our gardens for the winter, but now is the time to start planning and preparing for the next growing season.

Fall Lawn Care

This is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for the long winter. I offer the following list of winter preparation activities for you to consider. If you take the time now to do most of them, you will be happy with your healthy lawn next spring and summer. Thatch: Thatching removes the layer …

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Seattle gardening and landscape maintenance begins with proper watering. When trying to determine the frequency and duration of watering periods, always consider the soil conditions, the weather conditions and the plant itself. Healthy plant roots need oxygen as well as water. In clay soils, water can drain very slowly and deprive the plant of the …

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