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Outdoor Lighting Installation

Puget Sound, Washington

Once you have the perfect custom landscape design, you probably want to make sure it looks good day and night. When it gets dark, you don’t have to hide your gorgeous lawn or garden from sight; you can go on enjoying it well into the night with our landscape lighting design.

Outdoor lighting and design enhances your outdoor spaces to enjoy them long past sunset.
Backyard paver patio seen at night is illuminated with custom outdoor lighting from Lifestyle Landscapes located in Seattle, Washington.
  • Outdoor lighting in backyard

    What Is Landscape Lighting?

    Landscape lighting is a type of accent lighting in which bulbs are directed at plants or other elements of your garden area. They can be used to create a dramatic mood or direct attention at certain elements in your outdoor living space. Usually, landscape lighting is directed upward, though it can be hung and directed downward or even fixed so that it shines at on an object horizontally. The play of light and shadow is used to add new depth to your landscape, and bring out new surprises when the sun goes down.

  • How We Design Lighting

    We favor LED lighting in our custom designs for several reasons. LED bulbs last much longer than conventional light bulbs, which means you will spend less time on maintenance and upkeep for your landscape lighting. LED fixtures also tend to be highly weather resistant, standing up to rain and snow without becoming damaged or shorting out. When designing lighting layouts, we take into account all the features of your garden. We strive to draw attention to the best parts of your outdoor living space, whether that is a unique statue or a prize rose bush. Our lighting is as unique as the rest of our landscape design, and we consider the individual needs of each customer.

  • Want to Know More?

    If you are interested in our custom lighting design for your outdoor living space, give us a call at (206) 621‑2626. Our consultants are standing by to answer your questions and provide a professional consultation that entails no obligation on your part.