Loic & Susan

“Wow. I cannot impress upon you how wonderful we think our backyard turned out! We had the lights on last night and were able to see the finished project in all its glory. It seems everywhere I turn, there is another wow factor that is so pleasing to see. I found myself wandering around the yard until about 10:30 last night, admiring every detail. Where to start?”

The patios: Holy cats. When Loic and I first began envisioning a patio in our backyard, our “vision” never went beyond a single patio. The terraced set of patios provides us with so much outdoor living space that we will utilize now. Beyond that, the tumbled pavers have that cobblestone appearance that was exactly what we were looking for the rustic yet elegant look. The patios/walls match the style of our house very well. We love love love the patios!

The fence: What an improvement! We absolutely LOVE our new fence, and get compliments on it (how nice it looks and how well built it is) all the time. It provides us with the privacy we needed and the natural beauty we wanted. The arbor toppers add architectural interest and provide focal points in the yard, in addition to creating windows in certain areas. The fence could not have turned out better. We are so thrilled to have not only such a beautiful fence, but to have gates that open smoothly. Our old fence was truly a disaster, so we can completely appreciate everything about our new fence.

The plants: No matter how many times I looked over the plans and had a picture in my head about where each plant would be placed in the yard, I could not imagine how amazingly beautiful the end result would be. The trees are all so stunning and add so much tranquility to the yard. The choice of trees was perfect; we finally have the right trees for our yard. The rest of the plants were so thoughtfully placed and create so much warmth in the yard. I cannot wait to watch them all bloom next year.

The lights: Ahhh, the lights. The lights really enhance the ambience of the entire backyard. Now we can stay out even after the sun goes down because the yard is still illuminated. The well-placed lights not only add dimension to the yard, but add interest as well. It’s now an indulgent experience to be out in our yard after dark.

The shed: Loic loves his shed. If I can’t find him inside the house, I know where to look! I think it’s a great structure that was a necessity for us. It’s the perfect place for all our yard equipment.

The driveway: I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a legitimate driveway. Not only is it the perfect color, but having a smooth surface is such a major improvement. It has created a perfect and safe play space for our kids. Also, we look forward to turning part of it into an additional seating/lounging area accented with containers of plants.

We wanted to thank you for completely overhauling our backyard. From the first meeting, we felt like all our ideas were taken into consideration and incorporated into the plan. We were really impressed with that. Every single element is exactly what we wanted, and more than we hoped for. With this plan, we will utilize every square inch of our yard. I find it’s a perfect balance of kid-friendly space and adult/entertaining space. Overall, we appreciate that you listened to our ideas and suggestions. The entire process was a hoot for us!

The backyard is now my favorite “room” in our house. Loic and I have been dreaming about this project for 3+ years now, and are completely tickled that we get to enjoy the fabulous space you guys created for us for years to come. Thank you for making our dreams come true!